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  • Q: What should I know before purchasing a new Printer?
  • A: You can avoid hidden costs when purchasing a printer. Learn more... (PDF 201KB)

  • Q: By using Compatible or non OEM supplies in my printer, will that effect or void the manufactures warranty?
  • A: No, this is prohibited by US law. Under the “Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act” (PDF 123KB), this results in more competition for the OEM which keeps prices affordable for the customer.

  • Q: I am having print quality issues with my printer, what should I do before calling for service?
  • A: First replace the toner cartridge. Why? The toner cartridge is responsible for 70% of the printerís imaging system. If the problem persists, call for service. Itís highly recommended that an extra toner cartridge be keep on hand at all time for each printer model.

  • Q: How often should I have the printer cleaned and serviced?
  • A: Depending on the environment and the work load demand, you should request cleaning and/or maintenance every six months or yearly. Remember, during the printing process a certain amount of toner and paper dust escape onto the paper path and working mechanism. These micro-fine particles circulate throughout the printer by the fan(s) that keep the internal mechanism cool. Over time these toner and dust particles accumulate on the internal parts resulting in print quality defects and other operating problems.

  • Q: What are consumables and how much warranty do they carry?
  • A: Printer consumables consist of Paper, Toner/Ink cartridge, and Maintenance Kit. The Maintenance Kit consists of following: Fuser Assemble, Image Transfer Roller, Paper feed and Separation Rollers. Maintenance Kit and Fuser Assemble carry a 90 day warranty from date of installation.

  • Q: What is the difference between Remanufactured and Compatible Supplies?
  • A: Learn more... (PDF 101KB)


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